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January Bands:
6th- Percolators
7th- Generation Rock
13th- The Wingmen
14th- Helium Lift Off
20th- Crossfire
21st- The Decades
27th- The Accomplice
28th- The American Flyers

February Bands:
3rd- Steve Jacoby - One Man Rock Band
4th- Birddogs
10th- The American Flyers
11th- DJ Tony Shimmel
17th- Moonshine Prophets
18th- Something 70's
24th- Generation Radio
25th- Jambone

March Bands:
3rd- The Wingmen
4th- Birddogs
10th- The Accomplice
11th- The American Flyers 
17th- Crossfire
24th- Helium Lift Off
25th- Jambone
31st- 3 Cord Monte


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