Post Officers

Post Commander Dwayne Lindquist
1st Vice Commander Dan McWerter 
2nd Vice Commander Larry Woods 
Finance Officer Ken Grams 
Historian Gary "Zip"Zieba 
Adjutant Ken Grams 
Chaplain Allan Johnson 
Sgt. at Arms Jay Ferguson 

Club Manager Tom Buermann
Asst/Bar Manager Amy Moore Hanna
Gaming Manager Robbie Robertson 

SaL Officers 

SAL Commander Dan Parker 
1st Vice Commander Mark Hucka 
2nd Vice Commander Scott Rell 
Sgt-at-Arms Bob Thompson 
Chaplain Stu Larson 
Historian Jimmy Smith 
Adjutant B.A. Anderson 
Financial Officers /Kenny Grams
Membership Officers Kenny Grams 


           Auxiliary Officers 

President Susie Rell  
1st Vice President  Amy Keegan-Anderson 
2nd Vice President Loretta Smith
Executive Board 1 Robyn Richter  
Executive Board 2 Nancy McWherter 
Sgt-at-Arms Terry Gmiterko 
Treasurer Gretchen Oerter 
Chaplain Leslie Rau 
Secretary  Sarah Goeman 

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